Saturday, September 24, 2011

Card Waste - Jermaine Dye

Jermaine! Jermaine! Hold up a minute!


Hi, I'm Jim a photographer for the Topps Company.  I'm here to take your picture for the 2005 set.

Got some ID?

Yeah right here.


Can I get a picture of you?

Sure I was just heading out to the practice field.

No, no I mean right here.  This is a good spot.


Yeah, it'll be great.  This is a great spot.  I mean I know that you're a ten year veteran and all..

But theres no grass...

Who needs grass, lets do something different it'll be great.  Besides, all those other guys get their pictures on the field, it's probably crowded...and that's so, so two-thousand and LATE!

Um, did you just say "Two-thousand and....

Show me your batting pose, c'mon like your about to hit a big salami, you know, a tater!

Like this?

Yes, thats awesome....DANG!  You blinked.  Lets try another one.

Hey why dont we go out to the practice field and you can get me hitting BP homers over the outfield fence?

No, no this is great right here, it says "I'm a ballplayer, I dont need grass and a field, I'm an individual, a Super-Star!"  Besides, I'm an official Topps photographer, I know what I'm doing.


Take another swing.  This time, um, think back to when you were really excited to play baseball, uh like in Little League, Yeah, think back to when you were excited about picture day in Little league, thats it.

You don't mean like.....



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