Saturday, September 17, 2011

Catching Up With Some Massive Trades

First up, Darren from Indianaland (awesome blog name by-the-way) and I made a couple different trades in the last month or so.

Darren will be able to knock off some 70's era, and 1981 Topps from his wantlists, and I in return got a big stack of Angels. Many of which I can check off my wantlists. Here's a few of the gems.
I really like Angels minor league cards. Since I collect Angels autographs its always a bit more of a challenge to locate these old minor leaguers, especially the ones that didn't make it to the bigs (although Swingle did for 9 games in 1993).
Nolan Ryan in an Angels uni on any card is fine by me. This one is a 2010 Topps Cards Your Momma Threw Out CMT-27, 1978 #400 original back.
A nice 2009 Bowman Gold Joe Saunders #186. I always liked Joe. Glad to see he's probably headed to the postseason with the Diamondbacks.

Next up was a gargantuan stack of Angels castoffs from Jon at Community Gum. This one was a three-bagger and 7 top-loader stuffed padded envelope.
These 2003 Fleer Avant are just beautiful, especially the framing around the photos. The red background with white framing on the Garret Anderson really pops out, and the Reggie Jackson card is flat out awesome. It's numbered 528/799. I didn't have any of these in my collection. Until now.
Another bitchen card Jon sent is this 2007 Moments and Milestones # 41 Vladimir Guerrero 06/29. I think of all my numbered cards this #06 has got to be the lowest.
And rounding this post out is very mirrory 2009 Upper Deck Spectrum #48 Torii Hunter. These Spectrums are growing on me. I'll have to look into the Angels team set.

Thanks guys for some awesome Angels cards.


  1. greetings..just started my own blog, so im a rookie. ALL the cards i show are available for trade. just wanna invite you and others in this cool community to visit my blog here:

    i dont know how to get on these blog rolls, but would certainly appreciate an add. thanks. ;)

  2. Glad to be of service. I still don't think I did the return package justice considering all the awesome stuff you sent me. I'm way behind in my trade posts, but I will get there and give it the detailed attention it deserves.