Friday, September 23, 2011

Breaks and Trades

I participated in Cardboard Collections August group break of a box of 1996 Fleer and a box of 1997 Fleer. I had less than a handful of Angels from either of these sets, so I was happy to get whatever I could from the break.

1996 Fleer Prospect #6 of 10 Todd Greene.  I swear there's more Todd Green cards than any other Angel during this period.
1996 Fleer Rookie Sensation #1 of 15 Garret Anderson.  Hard to see in the scan but the right side of the card is shiney rainbowey foil.  Nice card.

From the 1996 set I also got 40 Jim Abbott, 41 Brian Anderson, 42 Garret Anderson, 43 Chili Davis, 45 Damion Easley, 50 Mike James, 53 Orlando Palmeiro, 55 Troy Percival, 56 Tony Phillips, 58 Lee Smith, and 59 JT Snow glossy.
I chose this #50 Tim Salmon to represent the cards I received from the 1997 set. 

I also got 35 George Arias, 37 Chili Davis, 40 Jim Edmonds, 41 Darin Erstad, and 48 Mark Langston.

The second team I had for the break was the Montreal Expos.  I got a good selection of them from both boxes, but since this is an Angels blog I'll refrain from showing them.
Colbey also threw in (I think.  I don't recall any other agreement we had) this 2004 Donruss Studio Big League Challenge BLC-8 Troy Glaus #136/499.  When I first glanced at this card I thought it was from a senior league.  Glaus kinda looks like an old guy in a softball uniform.
Nice 2007 Topps Chrome Generation Now #GN211 Mike Napoli.  Mike, as you well know, is my favorite ex-Angel playing for their rival Texas Rangers.
And an awesome looking 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects #BPP82 Garrett Richards, Purple.  Oh how I love Bowman Platinum Angels.
Much thanks go out to Play at the Plate and The Daily Dimwit for sending me a combined 45 cards towards my 2008 Baseball Heroes base set.  That leaves me with a much more manageable number to obtain for the set.

Next up was a big 45 card stack of Angels from The Night Owl who never disappoints.  I sent Greg a similar stack of Dodgers off his wantlist, and within the cards he sent me where these beauties:
There's that Todd Greene again, this time on a 1996 Bowmans Best #BPP18 Atomic Refractor.  Seriously though, Atomic Refractor has got to be the best subset name in the history of subsets.
Two Timbo Salmon cards to add to the collection.  First a 1998 Pacific Collection #15 which says on the back that Tim's position is jardinero and that he led the team in cuadrangulares.  Bueno Tim!

The second card is that from the 1994 Ted Williams card set and is numbered 161.  Its a nice Rookie of the Year tribute card from that set.
Another card that I needed for a set I'm working on, also turns out to be an Angel.  This is a 2008 Upper Deck X Xponential #X3-TH Torii Hunter.  Torii is probably watching his home run off Papelbon fly over the green monster to win the game.
Green backgrounds on baseball cards are very pleasing to the eye, and this on doesn't disappoint.  2011 Gypsie Queen Home Run Heroes #HH15 Troy Glaus.
Toppsium Chromium Kohn.  See the green background?  See what I mean?  Pleases your eyes doesn't it?  2011 Topps Chrome #208 Michael Kohn.
Oooh, Angels mini's.  I know for a lot of you set collectors these minis are very hard to part with.  I hope these were dupes Greg, if not, then thank you for your sacrifice.  These are beautiful.

Trades are fun and this community is awesome.  Thanks.


  1. I like to throw in some extras with my group break stacks...glad you liked them.

  2. You're welcome. No, they aren't dupes, but why am I hanging on to Angels?

    Got some more goodies for you heading out soon.