Monday, September 12, 2011

A Sign of Great Things to Come?

Um, no.

I'm not a big fan of the landscape baseball card, you know, the wide, horizontal pictured cards. Now, they're fine for team cards, or for certified autographed cards, but other than that I've never particularly cared for them.

In fact, whenever I'm ripping through a pack and I come across one I usually frown and then immediately move on. I don't want to see it, it makes me grumpy.

When my wife announced yesterday afternoon that she needed to run over to Home Depot then Target, she asked if any of the kids wanted to go. Three readily volunteered. Before they left I was able to pull one aside and whisper in her ear, "Tell Mom, say "Hey we should buy a pack of cards for Dad." OK?" She clearly understood her instructions and excitedly agreed.

My plan succeeded, and when they arrived home I was handed a 2011 Topps Opening Day jumbo pack (24). I'm good with that. I ripped open the plastic and was greeted with this:
"Angels on the top!" I shouted out. Everyone was excited for me. "This is a good sign" I told the kids, "It's meant to be."

Then I flipped through the following in order:
118 Rafael Soriano
33 Kyle Drabek
107 Scott Rolen
99 Clay Buchholz (Blech, Red Sox)
23 Chris Johnson
89 Pablo Sandoval (They call him Kung Fu Panda)
10 Joey Votto (Cool, I like Joey Votto)
128 Andrew Bailey
Mind you these are all traditional portrait cards.

Then it happened. A run I have never seen before in all my days of ripping packs. In the following order, this occurred:
Seven straight landscapers! Seven! (now, granted, I like the number 7. Seven is Gods number of perfection, it's all through the Bible. There are 7 members in my family. So 7 is cool) But 7 straight landscapers? Seriously?

59 Russel Martin
184 Austin Jackson
196 Brian Roberts
TTOD-22 Carlos Ruiz Topps Town
there came this:
another one. Heavy sigh.

The pack finished out with
ODS-6 CC Sabathia
PFP-2 Harry Truman
and M-11 Junction Jack



  1. I've run into packs of regular Topps this year, but I don't mind, I like those cards. I can only assume they print those on the same sheets and they get packed out together. As far as those cards you pulled, I think they look great.

  2. OK I admit it, when I look at the post and see them all lined up they dont look too bad.

  3. Landscape cards rule. I wish there was a whole set of landscape cards.

    I did a few "horizontal cards are great" posts a year or two ago. So I'm biased.