Friday, September 2, 2011

They're from LA, Dude!!

Well, not really. Although they were ORIGINALLY from L.A. First as a Pacific Coast League team, then as an MLB expansion team in 1961.

Then they moved to Orange County, south of Los Angeles County, and became the California Angels.

Then Disney got a hold of them. Even though they didn't move, Disneyland is in Anaheim, so they became the Anaheim Angels.

Disney sold them to Arte Moreno. Arte wanted to market them back into L.A. but the City of Anaheim still owned the land and the stadium (or something like that) so now they're the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.


Students, please turn in your brand new Topps Sticker Albums to page 11.
Along the way, note how each team has the city and team name at the top.

I forgot the Royals were in Kansas City.  I'm glad it's right here in bold white letters.

Better study up on your geography son.

But wait teacher! What's this? Who are these Angels and where are they from?
I dunno sharp student. Take your pick.
a) Los Angeles
b) California
c) Anaheim
d) Los Angeles of Anaheim

But there is no such place as Los Angeles of Anaheim.

Ah, and there lies the dilema Topps Company executives were faced with.
"When in doubt, don't" my mother always said

Thank goodness Topps knows where the Dodgers are from.


  1. I think they do it that way on purpose, as a personal revolt to say, hey, screw your silly name we refuse to be a part of your silly Anaheim / Moreno feud.

    and not to be a stickler, but the PCL Angels are not the same franchise as the MLB Angels. Same name, yes, but not same team.

  2. Yes.

    The PCL Angels became the Spokane Indians in 1958 when Walter O'Malley bought the team and moved them out so that they wouldn't compete with the Dodgers who were about to relocate to LA from Brooklyn.

    O'Malley even copied the Angels interlocking LA as the new teams logo.

    When Gene Autry won the expansion franchise for 1961 he bought the Angels franchise name from O'Malley.

  3. What the hell is going on there? BTW, the correct answer is C, Anaheim. I love going to OC and Anaheim, it's great down there. It's just not LA.

  4. Topps does this on all the Angels cards, too, as I'm sure you're aware.