Sunday, July 13, 2014

1987 Bobby Grich Night Commemorative Sheet

In 1987 the Angels did a give-away featuring the great Bobby Grich.
The give-away was a perforated sheet of  five rows of Topps Bobby Grich cards from 1971-1987.
The sponsor was Sheriton Hotels and KLAC 57 AM, which played classic country music and broadcast Lakers games at the time.

Pictured above is a sheet I bought many years ago off of ebay.
As you can see the sheet had been folded up and had been loved on.  The ebay description mentioned, if I recall, that the sheet was in a couple pieces, some of the rows had separated.

No problem for me, I just wanted to have one and this was the only one on ebay at the time.
Someday I'll replace it I guess with a full, never folded, all-in-one-piece sheet.
The card backs are exactly the same as the regular issued cards.

If you noticed, Bobby's 1972 card is missing, completely torn out from sheet where it sat just before the 1973 card.  The reason it's missing is because at some point I decided I wanted to get it signed.

I figured since the sheet was already in pieces, I'd just separate the 1972 card even further and send it out for a sure-thing autograph.  The 1972 was my favorite Bobby Grich card on the sheet, that's why it got de-perforated.  And Grich was still a reliable, and free,  TTMer at that time (he requests $10 now).

Here's the bottom 3 rows folded up.  You can see a lot of the "gently used-ness", especially in the 1987 Topps.

Yeah, now that I think about it, a full sheet in better condition would be an awesome framed piece to have.

So now, if you come across a Bobby Grich Topps card with perforations, you'll know where it came from.

Teams just don't do cool giveaways like this anymore.
Bobbleheads are nice, but I'd take a sweet perforated sheet of player cards like this any day.


  1. Oh that is totally awesome. I don't have that and I WANT IT NOW! Now I wish the Halos had done similar sheets for all the other greats - Carew and Jackson at least.

  2. I've never seen that before. I have to have one.

  3. I have to have one too - I see Grich occasionally at Angel Stadium and to have him sign a complete run of these reprints would be interesting.

  4. My friend found me one of those at the National one year, and I set it aside to get it signed by him at the next one - he was one of the freebie VIP guests. And I LEFT THE DANG THING AT HOME!!!

  5. I have two full sheets, completely intact cards. The top "Bobby Grich Night" portion is separated, on both, but other than that they are in prime condition and have never been folded. If you are interested in buying one or both sheets, you may email me at: