Friday, July 4, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 1993 Studio

There are 8 cards in this nifty little team set featuring gold foil signatures.
That would be JT Snow's rookie card.
Interesting that Scott Sanderson was the only pitcher chosen and that Finley and Langston were left out of the set.

Interesting to note again that Scott Sanderson is hatless not only on the front but on the back of the card as well.  So the guy is the only pitcher and decides to go hatless.
I wonder if that was Scott's preference.
Sending some kind of message Scott?
Also note that all the players got the right side of their face shown except for  Damion Easley whose left half is shown.

You knew I was going to do this didn't you.

JT Snow made it in as the only Angels player in any of the subsets.
Dude has some boingo eyes doesn't he?
But in the sepia toned  Heritage card in the retro uniform he's rocking a 1963 Lee Thomas look.

I'll look forward to the 1994 Studio set where there's probably a dozen Tim Salmon cards in the subsets.

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