Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Got The Play At The Plate All Out Of Order

A got a big box of Angels baseball cards From Brian of Play At The Plate. If you recall he had obtained several 5000 count boxes of cards and I think maybe he had offered teams to bloggers and that I had claimed the Angels.  But I wasn't sure about that, so when the box arrived I was surprised to get it and blown away that he had sent so many cards.

When the box arrived in the mail I was in the midst of sorting and binderizing a small accumulation of Angels cards I already had, so in my excitement about all the new stuff I naturally went right into sort and binderize mode.  By the time I realized I hadn't pulled out and scanned any of them for a post it was too late: I only had a handful of Salmons left still to be put in the Salmon binder.

Here's my token sample.

But man you wouldn't believe the good stuff I found in the box.  A ton of Angels cards but particularly from the late 90's, a span of years I'm probably most lacking in my team sets.  And there were at least a half dozen team sets, or cards that enabled me to complete team sets, in the box.

All good stuff Man, all good stuff.

Next time I'll try to slow down and smell the Angels before I put them in their places.

Thank you.

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