Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Couple More To Add To The 1984 Topps Master Set

I forgot that I had this.  It was in my "Good Cards" box.  You know, the box with the relics, certified autographs and such that are in top-loaders.  If you look close you'll see that Mr Green is lacking the black ink on the card.  I love finding cards like this, it's a total score when I do.

I've had the photos in this post without any text for at least a couple months now, so I don't recall why I wanted to show you the back of the card.

Here's the normal 1984 Topps next to the misprint.
Not a lot of black ink to be missing but enough to make you take a second closer look.

This is a card I pulled out of a junk box at the LCS a couple months ago.
This is the 1984 Nestle Wade Boggs Black and White variation.
The more popular is the Don Mattingley card, and there is also a Darryl Strawberry version.
Sometimes these are call "proofs", "test proofs" and even "unauthorized copy".  By all accounts though most consider them fakes.
Cool little card to add to the 1984 master set though. 

Here is the back for kicks.
There are some blank-back variations as well.

Anyone with 1984 Topps miscuts and variations they want to part with?

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