Friday, July 18, 2014

Completed Angels Team Set - 1975 Topps Mini

My local card shop finally got the mini sleeves in that Night Owl has had such a dilemma over, allowing me to finally put this set in a decent format.  Actually it was only about a month ago that I acquired the final pieces to this team set pushing me to completion.

Of course the last cards I needed were the Nolan Ryans, the most expensive ones to obtain.
And Ryan has 4 cards in the set.  1974 was a good year for him.

I got his #500 card relatively cheap, mainly because is is defaced with a nice red ink ballpoint checkmark.
Indicating what I can't figure out.
"Yep got this one!" check.

My only complaint about this team set would be when cards with the same color combination align consecutively:

Ugh! With so many combinations what are the chances two of the same color combo line up numerically in a team set?  And (not counting the highlight cards because that's the theme color) this happens in the Angels team set three times!
Singer-Chalk green/purple
Hassler-Rodriguez brown/tan
Heise-Figueroa green/purple (would had been a trifecta with Doherty had Nolan Ryan not gotten in the way). 

All-in-all a beautiful team set.  I'm very happy to put this one to rest.

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  1. Looking good!

    The Ryan-Carlton is one of the last minis I need. I should also upgrade the Stanton card as it's a holdover from when I acquired it in '75.