Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Somethings Wrong With This Picture (#1)

2001 Fleer Focus #10 of 2581

All of the cards in this set picture the player in front of the Wrigley Field scoreboard, but I'm gonna pick on Darin Erstads card since this is an Angels blog.

First of all I don't know what the "of 2581" numbering on the back refers to.  Not serial numbered, just numbered.  If that's the size of the set then that's just crazy.  Crazy like Yankee Stadium Legacy crazy.

Okay.  Erstad is pictured in front of the Cubs scoreboard that's at Wrigley Field, obviously photo-shopped. In case you didn't know, The Cubs are in the National League, the Angels the American.

So let's ask some questions:

Q. Was there Interlegue play in 2000?
A. Yes, Interleague started in 1997.

Q. Did the Angels play the Cubs at Wrigley in 2000?
A. No.

Q. How about early in 2001 (in case this was a late release set)?
A. Nope.

Q. 2000 All Star Game played at Wrigley in 2000 or 2001?
A. No.

So why did Fleer select the players they did for the Big Innings set and why are they all in front of the Wrigley Field scoreboard?

Somethings wrong with this picture.


  1. By taking a look at the scoreboard it seems as though Darin missed his flight to Cleveland.

  2. Big Innings is a 25 card subset of fleer focus. There was a regular and a VIP with the VIP being serial numbered to 50. No idea what the 2581 is about. According to tradingcarddb the base set is 240 cards