Monday, July 28, 2014

The Littlist Joyner

I've been focusing on my Kellogg and Hostess Angels teams sets lately, picking up the cards I need to get those team sets completed.  The Kelloggs sets are done and scanned I just need to get around to writing about them.  We'll see who gets there first: me or Night Owl.

For the Hostess issues I picked up a Wally Joyner card for the 1987 Angels team set.  This is the only card in the Angels team set, and this was the last set issued by Hostess until the crappy and boring 1993 issue.

The 1987 set were actually produced as stickers and not cards.  They were issued by Hostess of Canada and came in specially marked bags of potato chips.  One card to a bag of chips, the card enveloped in a plastic bag to protect it from the greasy chips.

When I received this card in the mail I was very surprised at it's size:

Here it is compared to Joyners 1987 Major League Leaders MINI card.

Just for kicks here's the three card comparison with a standard sized baseball card:

Minuscule.  Now you really get the idea of how small this little sticker is.  Bet these little guys were pretty hard to find in a bag of chips.  Bet many of them got chewed accidentally. Not really worth sticking on anything except maybe a Micro Machines vehicle.

A little creature holds the card number.

Anyone know who this little guy is?


  1. Said creature is a Munchie, one of the mascots for Hostess Potato Chips. There was also an orange and red one. Hostess Chips still exists, and has the Munchies on their bags, although the chips are only found at the cheaper grocery stores.

    Back to the stickers. At the time, they were designed to be stuck on a poster, that you'd get at the stores where the chips were. They'd go around the edge of the poster. They had one sticker for each team, with 3 for the Canadian teams.

    1. Wow, great background information Buckstore. Thanks!