Sunday, March 19, 2023

Blogger Trade With Crocodile and Fuji

I wouldn't say my focus has been on TCDB trades, but they have been taking up more of my time lately. That doesn't mean I'm neglecting blog trades, those are still going on as well. Trying to keep the balance. Great thing about blog trades is often you don't know what you're gonna get, so it's exciting to rip open an envelope to see what's inside, like these two trades with Crocodile Sports Cards and The Chronicles of Fuji.

Crocodile Sports Cards

I remember being stoked when finding a Members Choice in 1992 Stadium Club. For a long time I thought they were a special insert. I was a little disappointed when I found out they were part of the set. I've always thought they were cool though.

For how overdone relic cards are, it's still great to get one you don't have.

I first did a double-take on these, then realized they are lightly signed. Pretty sure the Mauch is legit, but the Bryan Harvey is so small and in an odd spot, I'm not so sure. I've gotten his autograph in the past, and usually it's pretty bold.

A ton more Angels.

And a bunch of Patriots!

The Chronicles of Fuji
Signature Rookies were always great for obscure minor league autographs, but they've always struck me as odd, kinda like the unlicensed "promo" cards we used to pick up at card shows in the 80's.
Morris had a great college career but never made it past AA in the Angels farm system.

Always nice to complete a baseball checklist set.

And the best of the rest. I think that micro is even smaller that the Cracker Jack minis. Super tiny.


  1. For many years, I too thought that the Members Choice cards were parallels.

    1. I still struggle with those Members Choice subset cards... as I feel like some of them did come out of those special box sets as well as in packs.

  2. Wait, what? Those were signed? Send them back! LOL, J/K. Honestly can't vouch for the sigs as I didn't notice them, especially that Harvey, but I hope they are legit. And a bonus card is on the way!