Monday, March 20, 2023

Nolan Ryan Binder Tour - 1990 Beckett

 Various clippings and odd keepsakes found in my Nolan Ryan Binder.

An ad page from the December 1990 issue of Beckett Monthly.

Nolan gets a two square appearance in his Rangers uniform. I can also pick out Patrick Ewing, Barry Sanders, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Gretzky, and Canseco. Not sure who the goalie might be. Any guesses?


  1. Grant Fuhr perhaps? Looks like Oilers...

  2. My best guess would be Grant Fuhr of the Edmonton Oilers.

  3. Grant Fuhr. I compared the mask in the above photo with his mask from 1990 in a web search and it matches. RonE and Laurens are good!

  4. The mystery GOALIE is Bill Ranford