Friday, March 10, 2023

TCDB Completed Transactions #10 abide and #11 SeventhSon

 First up is TCDB Transaction #10 with abide which brought in some needed parallels and inserts.

1999 Pacific Paramount Gold #8

2006 Upper Deck Ovation Gold #1, 418/499

2005 Leaf Press Proofs Red #271
2004 Leaf Press Proofs Blue #6, 098/100

2012 Panini Prizm Dominance #D9
2012 Topps Chrome X-Fractors #201 

Transaction #11 was with SeventhSon for some Vladdy PC needs:

1999 Pacific Aurora #112
1999 Pacific #263
1999 Bowman's Best #48

It's been pretty fun proposing trades so far because I haven't really been going in with specific cards in mind. It's cool to just find some stuff you didn't think about. I wasn't planning on adding to the Vladdy PC but I'm glad it turned out that way.


  1. Are you no longer looking to add to your Vlad collection?