Sunday, October 29, 2023

Big Mail Day From Mr. Blay

I received one of the big mail day packages that Too Many Verlanders has been sending out. I love being the recipient of one of Dennis's mailings, he always hits up stuff I not only like but can use, and across several of my collecting topics. This package was full of Angels, Patriots, checklists and Theoren Fleury!

Wow! Relics are especially appreciated because I don't buy much retail, so I rarely ever pull one in a pack, I don't have a local card show or even a shop to go to, and I don't buy online. So, it's extra sweet to "pull" one from a care package.

I'm glad Dennis is willing to send oversized stuff, these 1980 Topps "white backs" are nice. I tend to shy away from trading oversize stuff due to postage costs.

Keen eyes will know that that's a 1985 Leaf checklist, not Donruss. Took me a minute to figure it out.

Look at that, more relics!

and more oversized stuff.

Those 1994 Edge immediately reminded me of Starting Lineups. Did SLU's ever include Collectors Edge cards or was there a similar design? Either way, I like them alot.

Promo sheets were big in the 90's, and they were almost always awesome like these two that include Theoren Fleury.

Really great stuff Dennis, thanks for thinking of me.



  1. You're welcome! It's enough fun when I know someone collects specific teams and I can send those their way, but as I was looking up stuff on TCDb I kept matching with your wants and was like, this is gonna make for a pretty good package! The hockey promos were part of my latest Facebook purchase and I was surprised to see those on your wants too so I happily included them.

    Let this be a lesson to other bloggers: keep adding to your TCDb wantlists as you never know who's looking!

  2. The 1980 Supers are my favorites of the whole bunch, love those things. Dennis didn't send me any of those, but still got plenty of goodies from him!

  3. I hope to make it to the PO at some point today.

  4. That Metal sheet is pretty cool! Dennis is da man!

  5. Dennis sure has been spreading the love. I don't think I ever realized that Bo had a card in that tall boy set. I guess that's now the one card from the set that I'll have to track down at some point.