Friday, October 20, 2023

For Those Who Were Wondering


Tony Sacca - Penn St. = Played in 2 games for the Cardinals in 1992.
David Klingler - Houston = Played in 33 games over 6 NFL seasons with the Bengals and Raiders.
Matt Blundin - Virginia = 3 games over 3 NFL seasons with the Chiefs and Lions.
Tommy Maddox - UCLA = 9 NFL seasons with Broncos, Rams, Giants, Steelers. Super Bowl Champ.
Mike Pawlawski - California = Signed by the Buccaneers, never played.
Casey Weldon - Florida St. = 5 NFL seasons with the Buccaneers and Redskins. One career TD.


  1. I actually was wondering. Not a lot of NFL success there.

  2. Wow. I didn't get any of them. And only 2 teams. LOL

  3. Maddox was the only one I recognized. My god the 1992 draft was awful.

  4. Oh man the name I even recognize is Pawlawski and that's because I was a teenager in the Bay Area around then.

  5. a Bengals fan...he was really the first QB I remember for them, as Boomer was gone by the time I started paying attention.