Friday, October 13, 2023

Third Floor Prize Winnings

The View From The Third Floor recently held a multi-week, multi-post contest to guess the nine (or eighteen) player cards he had picked out for each NFL team. Pretty fun trying to guess who he felt was worthy. I ended up with the second most correct picks (congrats Jafronius) and the only one to guess a perfect 9-pocket page so I got two PWE prizes!

Pro Set PWE

Topps Attax PWE

Thanks again!


  1. Some great cards there! LT, Montana, Bo Jackson, etc . . .

  2. Good stuff! Congrats on the Perfect Page and the great competition!

  3. Never collected football but those first few of years of Pro Set cards are still amazingly great.

  4. Congrats! I could never keep up with the contest, but it was fun to follow along! That Pro Set set is definitely iconic.

  5. In honor of Brendan, Bo wins it :)