Wednesday, October 4, 2023

The Meaning of Mela

I received a trade recently, first time from melamathman. There are plenty of interesting and intriguing usernames on TCDB, this one piqued my interest, and I got a little curious. It's kind of a neat name. I can assume the "mathman" part, but does mela mean something? I looked it up on Webster's:
    1. An Indian religious festival or fair: a gathering of people
    2. Black

Or it could mean something completely different. I guess I could always ask him why he chose the name, but it's really not that important, I just needed an intro to this post.

TCDB #136 melamathman

OPC from Canada.

TCDB #137 frankgifford

TCDB #138 DarthPanzer
Definitely an interesting username.


  1. A few years ago, there was a forum thread where TCDB members explained their handles. There were some real interesting ones!

  2. Nice trades. I like Heritage cards and am building the 2019 Topps Heritage Baseball set. When I worked in the local Elementary School some of the teachers taught "Apple Math" to their students. Maybe your trade partner is a math teacher. Who knows?

  3. Torii Hunter wins it.

    My TCDB user name is Uncorrected Error.

  4. I hope I don't live long enough to see someone wondering what "frankgifford" could mean.