Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Missing Mini Mistake

I've forgotten to include a card here and there in trade transactions. It happens. And whether it was me or the other trader, we've always made it right. Sometimes it even evolves into an additional trade. Such was the case here, where the mini shown below was accidently left out of the PWR from the prior trade. In order to get me the mini, and maximize the cost of postage, we came up with another trade. Win Win.

TCDB #141 yrrcwc

TCDB #142 cdorso

After claiming some free stuff I had offered up, they wanted to return the favor with some cards I needed. Offer accepted! And thank you!
2008 Sports Equation Math Learning Cards #14

The two 1992 Upper Deck for my PCs are the Factory Set Gold Hologram version.
Also, I would have sworn I already had the Tom Heinke for the 1989 set build because I had posted about it 12 years ago.

TCDB #143 RJeng

TCDB #144 Kleskomaniac


  1. "Kleskomaniac" made me chuckle. Nice pickups. That Fitzgerald is certainly an oddball.

  2. I remember the football math cards from the early 90's, but had no idea that they were still doing them for any sport as late as 2008.