Friday, October 6, 2023

The Rendon Experiment

The Angels signed Anthony Rendon as a free agent in December 2019. In those four seasons he has played in 52, 58, 47 and 43 games and earned 26, 28, 36 and 38 million dollars a season. His combined statistics in those 200 games over 4 seasons is 179 H, 22 HR, 111 RBI, .249 BA, and committed 18 errors. He can become a free agent again in 2027. Heaven help us. 

TCDB #139 jsteved

TCDB #140 richmond02

Those two rounded-corner cards are 1987 Indiana Blue Sox (unlicensed) cards. I had never seen these before.

1971 Topps #444


  1. You must really not like the guy, fi you're blaming him for "missing" games during the COVID season.

    Anyway, Joe Rudi wins it.

  2. Rendon reminds me of the time the Red Sox signed Pablo Sandoval. Horrible contract from the get-go.

  3. I was disappointed when he left the Nationals...but the contract was way over the top. Likely he will be one of the last 30 year olds to get a contract like that. The big money is for 22-25 year olds from here on I suspect... Rendon has a ring... more than Trout or Ohtani can say at this point...

  4. sounds like a waste of money, basically a million plus per game. No one is worth that, his totals for the 4 years covid or no covid would barely get an all star vote if all in 1 season. I'm not sure anyone will offer him a contract. I say give him an outright release.

  5. Yeah, Rendon was a horrible signing - he's cooked as a player, not a likeable person, and apparently he isn't all that committed to the game. OTOH you have Mike Trout, who also makes a crapton of money and can't stay on the field -- but is a good guy, good ambassador for the game, and clearly cares/wants to play.

    Sigh... if the Halos can't keep Ohtani, might a good time for them to clean house entirely.

    Also I like that Ovation Colon and the Blue Sox cards that I assumed were Mother's Cookies issues.

  6. I don't remember anyone saying the Rendon signing was a good deal at the time, so...good for him?

  7. Hopefully old Anthony has been saving his money.