Thursday, January 4, 2024

Angels We Lost In 2023

 Annual tribute from my collection to those former Angels we lost this past year.

Albie Pearson (Los Angeles/California Angels 1961-1966)

Dave Frost (California Angels 1978-1981)

Mario Guerrero (California Angels 1976-1977)

Bob Priddy (California Angels 1969)

Leo Burke (Los Angeles Angels 1961-1962)

Tom Walker (California Angels 1977)

Dick Drago (California Angels 1976-1977)

Vic Davalillo (California Angels 1968-1969)


  1. Nice tribute post. Is there a website you used to come up with a list of names? I know A's fans lost Vida Blue and Sal Bando... but I'm sure there were more than those two guys.

    1. Google "baseball deaths 2023" a couple sites come up. I use Baseball Almanac.

    2. Thanks! I just tried it out. Found a blog called RIP Baseball that has an obituary section... and they have teams tagged to make searching easier. The only problem is I don't know if they cover every single player who has passed away.

  2. I checked through Baseball Almanac just now... The only Jay connection is Bullpen Coach John Sullivan. I did see a few former Expos, one even being covered here.