Sunday, January 14, 2024

First Silver Surfer Returns

I mentioned earlier that I started a new PC of the Silver Surfer. A few trades into TCDB and my first have arrived from peach-was-here.

1990 Impel Marvel Universe

1990 Impel Marvel Universe

1993 Skybox Marvel Universe

1992 Skybox Marvel Masterpieces

1992 Impel Marvel Universe
I hear there's a new movie in the works and that they're considering a female in the role of the Silver Surfer. Yeah, I won't be watching.

Topps Traded towards the set, and the Ultimate Collection 269/475 was a very generous throw-in. 

TCDB expander

1994 Fleer Marvel Universe

2008 Upper Deck Marvel Masterpieces

1992 Impel Marvel Universe

Oh, and a Zach Neto too!

TCDB Royals417

Matt offered these up for the last card he needed for a team set, a Kirk Gibson variation that apparently, I was the first person he found with one available, which is great because I had only very recently loaded it into my traders.
Goes to show you...keep loading those trade cards.

TCDB cory79

Cory and I did some back-and-forthing to come up with a really great trade.

Set needs.

Found this sweet little Cracker Jack that I needed for the Angels binder.
The backside has Angels trivia (up to 1993) which I aced.


  1. Solid Silver Surfer PC! I love those 90's Marvel Universe sets.

    P.S. Your BAG arrived a few days ago. Haven't opened it up, but I will in the next week or so.

  2. Those first couple of scan represent my childhood very well.