Monday, January 8, 2024

Neto and O'Hoppe Heavy

I've been concentrating on picking up Zach Neto and Logan O'Hoppe cards recently. Not just because I need them for my Angels sets, but I think they'll be a lethal duo in the lineup this season. And that they're popularity might go up. Best to strike now.

TCDB cjswinko

Its certainly tough trying to keep up with all the parallels these card company's produce.


Yep, working the 1984 (and 1983) Topps Glossy All-Stars as well.

TCDB zmaciag

Down to needing 3 cards for the 30-card Topps Million Card Giveaway set.

TCDB mikerox

The UD Sweepstakes card is a variation. Under Pee Wee Reese it says "1958 Brooklyn Dodgers Jersey" but the other version says "L.A. Dodgers". So each of the 10 cards has both versions. I need three more of the "Brooklyn Dodgers" versions: DiMaggio, Drysdale, and Gehrig

TCDB heattreat

Pretty in Pink for sure.

TCDB blakdawg96

Not the same Christmas O'Hoppe as that from SeanT above. Look closely.


  1. Totally forgot that Armas went on to play in Southern California. Grew up watching him play with Rickey and Dwayne Murphy in Oakland's outfield.

  2. The card with the orange background in the last scan sure is different. I don't recall ever seeing a parallel like that before.