Saturday, January 13, 2024

Mas O'Hoppe

I can't get enough of this guy, that's why I asked for this trade with jamc2330.

I need to go find that ghost and jack-o-lantern versions now.


Hitting up some 90's cards for team sets.


1992 Superstars Album Pages
I wasn't sure what this was, a card or a litho, or even how big it was. I've never heard of a Superstars Album. Turns out it's an 8 1/2 x 11 page cut from some sort of album of 16 baseball players. The back has a bio of Abbott and some career stats.

TCDB marcbrubaker

Just a sampling of the bubble envelope of cards Marc sent my way, only about half of which were part of the official transaction.

Angels won 2-1 but Trout went 0-2 with a walk.
What an awesome card though!

Okay, weird but really cool.
2020 Historic Autographs POTUS - Historic DNA Samples.

Hey, Bru himself.
This one goes in my "Bloggers That Have Made Cards of Themselves" collection.
Again, very cool.

Last two cards I needed to complete this sweepstakes set, with the variations.
Now I need to start trading for the Tiffany set.

The '88 Ryan is from the factory set...different pattern.

TCDB bearsbaseballcards

I do complain about all parallels these days, but some of the fractors are pretty cool.

TCDB YankeesFan876

I usually try to maximize my PWE trades to 8-12 cards but I couldn't pass up this one-for-one offer.


  1. I can't even stand to look at a picture of myself, let alone making a card of my image.

    Some nice shiny cards up top there!

  2. Need to figure out how to get more O'Hoppes in my collection - was able to pick up a pack pulled autograph though, so I can cross his name as a 'need' of my all-time Angels collection.

  3. The old Revolution's still look really good. And I really dislike the Historic Autographs sets, but those samples sure are fun. Though, being a "sample" of a hair card, it seems like they should have a "sample" of hair included :)

  4. Seems silly to have a ticket card of the player who went 0 for 2!