Monday, January 13, 2014

5 Days Of Howard Bagby - Day 1 The Package

Last week I received an envelope with some Angels cards promised by Howard Bagby of  Wanted:Baseball Cards after we'd emailed back a forth about a trade.  He also mentioned sending some other cards of Angels and other wants in an additional package.  What came in the mail in that second package was completely unexpected.

What came was a small flat-rate box stuffed with four baggies of baseball cards and two toploaders each with a 1956 Topps.
I had to pry them out the box it was so stuffed full.

That's a big stack of cards full of Angels and some other sets I'm actively working on.
You can see the layer of diecuts near the top.  You'll see what those are in the Day 2 post.
As I was thumbing through the stacks I was very pleased at what I was finding.

I recently mailed a couple small flat-rate boxes full of cards, and I'd like to think I stuffed them as equally full.
This stack seems higher than mine though.
Without counting I think there's at least 300 cards there.

And these two cards fell out by themselves , inserted separately from the bags of other standard sized cards:

The beauty of 1956 Topps.
Howard is thinning his massive collection and refocussing on 1974 Topps, Topps Heritage, Bowman Heritage, and Allen and Ginter. 
You might want to check his wantlists to see if you can help him reach those goals.  
He recently finished the 1956 Topps set, an accomplishment I hope to achieve someday. 
 I'm only 36 cards into it but these two get me that much closer to the goal right?
And like I said it's a "someday" goal.

Bob Miller's card drew in my attention.
I can always appreciate an update set card like this one noting the change in teams from the Philadelphia Phillies to the St Louis Card.

Next up from Howard: Other Sets

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