Monday, January 20, 2014

My Emotions Are Running High

Down to the last handful of cards for the 1995 Skybox Emotion set.
I'm still missing cards even though I've created the 1995 Skybox Emotion blog to (slowly, I know) go through this set.
Fortunately the cards I need are at the very end of the set, so I have time before I get there.
I picked up these cards on Sportlots recently.

#7 "Conditioning"
This was the last Cal Ripken Timeless card I needed for this 15 card insert set.

These two N-Tense cards got me closer to the last insert set I need to finally complete this whole set.
Still looking for these last 5 cards:
6 Ken Griffey Mariners
7 Mark McGwire Athletics
8 Mike Piazza Dodgers
9 Manny Ramirez Indians
10 Frank Thomas White Sox

Sportlots has a few of them, but they're in the "couple to several dollar each" range and I'm not in a position to purchase them right now.

Oh so close on this set though.
Any help appreciated.

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