Thursday, January 16, 2014

5 Days of Howard Bagby - Day 4 Pacific Trading Cards

I can state with a fair amount of certainty that I never ever bought a pack of Pacific Baseball cards 
in the late 90's early 2000's.  I was never drawn to them.  
That may be because it seemed I always found them loose on the card aisle mixed in with the football cards or in the way of the Topps and Upper Deck Cards, or on the floor.
There was never enough of them around to buy more than one or two packs if I had decided to purchase them.
They never seemed to have a home box to be nestled in.  
I also always found their design to be a bit gaudy with too much foil, especially used in the font making it near impossible to determine who's card it was or what position they played.

Also, the Pacific issues confused me.  
I've seen Pacific, Pacific Collection, Pacific Crown Collection, Pacific 2000, Pacific Paramount 2000, Pacific Invincible, and probably a couple others over those years.  And what it says on the front of the card doesn't always correspond with what it says on the back.

So if I had the cash, it was Topps, Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss or Score.
As a result of ignoring them for many years though, I found myself at a serious lack in my team collection for Pacific Trading Cards.

Howard sent me a ton of Pacific Angels cards, probably at couple team sets worth, definitely enough to complete a couple teams sets already started.

I'm just gonna show off the design of the cards he sent and what I like dislike about them.

1995 Pacific Collection #57
LIKE: full bleed photo, small Pacific logo in upper left.
DISLIKE: Angels logo not centered in the baseball.
Anal, I know.

1996 Pacific Collection #271
LIKE: full bleed, Pacific and Angels logos balancing each other.
DISLIKE: the players name isn't legible.

1997 Pacific Collection #10
Hate it.

1998 Pacific Collection #8
LIKE: full bleed photo, small Angels logo
DISLIKE: the pinstriping, but it's growing on me..
okay I like it now, no complaints.

1998 Pacific Paramount #6
LIKE: full bleed....
DISLIKE: massive unreadable foil obstruction at the bottom.

1998 Pacific Invincible #4
LIKE: white framework with rivets, ink Pacific logo.
DISLIKE: ghosting, small foil font and flame.  I think they used a dartboard for logo placement.

1999 Pacific #2
LIKE:  it's okay.

1999 Pacific Crown Collection #6
LIKE:  Now we're talking! Beautiful design.
My absolute favorite.

1999 Pacific Paramount #6
LIKE: pretty good too but the foil font still irritates me.

2000 Pacific #2
LIKE: yep, good balance.

2000 Pacific Paramount #5
LIKE: orange background.
DISLIKE: if thats home plate under the logo it's upside down and not flat.
"Third Base" is microscopic.

Great selection of Angels needs obtained.
I don't have to always like the design, but I always like getting them!

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  1. Now we're talking. I do love me some Pacific. I don't really love the designs either, but what I do love is the player selection, which often differed from all of the other companies, and the uniqueness of the inserts.

    BTW, that Mike Holtz card is not from 1998 Pacific Invincible, well not exactly anyway. It is actually an insert set called Gems of the Diamond. The weird thing about that insert set is that it is bigger than the base set. Eh, maybe not all of their insert ideas worked out perfectly.