Friday, January 3, 2014

Busted A Box Of Timeline

2008 Upper Deck Timeline retail from Blowout Cards.
I think it was $12.00 or something like that.

24 packs in a box, 6 cards per pack.
That means 144 cards towards the set of 385.

Note the "on average" for two insert cards per pack.
I must have had about 2-3 packs with only 1 or no insert it seemed.
And with the high numbers so hard to pull this made completing a set even more difficult.

Here's the stack after all the packs were opened.
I already had most of the base set before I tore in.
This effort was to pick up the shorter print cards numbered 100-385.
Yes, there are a lot of those.

1992 UD Minor League style cards I pulled numbered 101-130.
Twelve of them.
I needed several of these.
Nice to pull both a Longoria and a Votto rookie.

Of the 1994 All-Time Heroes I needed about half.
Again, twelve pulled.
Starting to see a trend.
These are numbered 131-180.

Pulled these 1995 SP Top Prospects 181-210 of which I needed most.
Only 8 not 12 though..
Probably due to the several packs that only had 1 or no inserts.

The higher the number the scarcer the pull so these are getting harder and harder to pull.
That means that I needed almost all the rest of the cards I pulled.

Another pretty good amount of 2004 Timeless Teams numbered 211-310 in the box.
Twelve again, see what I mean?
I needed every single one of these.

Only 1 each of the super high numbers.
1993 SP #311-336 Jed Lowrie
1994 SP #336-360 Chin-Lung Hu
1995 SP #361-385 Rico Washington

And only 1 gold parallel in the whole box!

I also got a waste of space threesome of Yankee Stadium Legacy.
These have already gone bye-bye through Listia.
I hate these.

After counting up the inserts I have more than the quota of 2 per pack = 48.
Can't figure how that happened.
Oh well.

I grade the contents of this box a C.

All-in-all though I knocked off a little chunk of cards towards the complete set.


  1. I like this set, but I gave up on completing it. What a pain.

    How many base Braun's, Rodriguez's and Hunter's do you have? I think that's the most aggravating part of this set.

    1. Agreed. The handful of players in the base set that I got 3-4-5 cards of in one box was very frustrating.

  2. So it was true to it's word with the Average as long as you got the 48 I'd be happy. on the other hand if you grabbed a handful of packs at a show and got the packs with 1 or none then not so happy. there is a method to the card companies madness as stating "ON AVERAGE" lol

  3. i still have my wantlist for this set up at i'll check my doubles and see if i have any that you need.

    1. GCRL youve been on my list of things to do. Hopefully this weekend.