Tuesday, January 14, 2014

5 Days Of Howard Bagby - Day 2 Other Set Needs

This box of cards from Howard was so big I decided to split it up into 5 days.
Today we'll look at the Other Set needs that I have listed under the tab above.
Nice to know he took the time to look.

One of the sets I'm working is 2008 Upper Deck X.
I have the base set done, but those die-cuts and Xponentials are a bear.

He sent me 9 die-cuts that I needed - leaving only 6 more to go.
I am collecting the gold die-cuts as well, but haven't listed those in my wants because I'm considering them an extra, plus it would just make completing the set that much more difficult..

A whopping 14 Xponential 1 leaving me just 21 more to go.
That's in reach.

You know as these Xponentials increase from one to four they get harder to come by.
I added 11 more X-2 though with Howards help.
30 more for that subset.
See why this is one of the more difficult sets to complete?
And I'm trying collect 2008 Timeline too.
Seems plain stupid of me sometimes.

A tougher pull just got 6 cards closer to completion.
I need just 8 more now of the Xponential 3's.

And the toughest pull gained me 2 more Xponential 4, with only 6 to finish out.
With Howard's huge offering I finally feel like this set is within reach.

These three 1992 Upper Deck Minors were also included. 
I only very recently added this set to my wantlist but I haven't announced it yet with a post.
So I was very happy to check these cards off.

Tomorrow from Howard: Tim Salmon


  1. I am glad that you like what I sent. I was putting an Upper Deck X set together and it was one I decided to weed out. I have a few of the gold cards that I will send you.