Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Batman Got Schooled

Batman gets the first post of 2014!!

Picked up this sweet 1993 Batman Animated Series Back-to-School Pack recently.
Like I've mentioned before I'm getting back into the Animated Batman after a long hiatus.
This school pack was right up my alley.

Dig the graphics from this series.
Look at the factory spewing green gunk into the air.
Check out the Batman, lower jaw jutted, ready to spring into action against the evil polluters.

You can see the list of whats inside this plastic bag in the upper right corner of the pack.
2 comic books
1 poster
1 pencil
1 notepad

Lets tear this plastic bag open and get back to school!

Batman Adventures, Issue No. 10, JUL 1993 
The Last Riddler Story.

I'm only missing like 3 comics out of the 36 issues in Vol 1.
Got this one however.

Batman Adventures, Issue No. 11, AUG 1993
The Beast Within!

Got this one already too.
Man-Bat is up there with Mr. Freeze and Clay Face in my top five.

Batman Pencil.
Noting fancy here.
They could have done better on the design, pretty weak.

Batman Adventures Notepad.
Very cool.
Now, do I actually use it or not.

And probably the best part, the
All-new Locker-size Batman Poster!


It's one long poster but I had to scan it in 4 sections the thing is so long.
I'm for sure getting this bad boy framed.

There's enough cool stuff there to get any kid through another school year.

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