Saturday, January 25, 2014

Set Needs From Scott Crawford

I think these came unwarranted.  But I'm not sure.  
Maybe as a followup to a recent trade?  Don't recall.
But Angels team set needs none the less.

These Sportflics never scan well do they.
Just need 3 more now for the team set
44 Reggie Jackson
59 Mike Witt
127 Kirk McCaskill

Added 2 more for this nifty, "you can find these in any dimebox" 1992 Donruss Coke cards.
These two came still individually wrapped up with 3 other regular Donruss cards.
I just HAD to open them.
That leaves me having to find these:
13 (1979)
15 (1981)
18 (1984)
24 (1990)

Good stuff Scott.

1 comment:

  1. I searched all over a week or so ago for the Kirk McCaskill. I KNOW I have it somewhere. But who knows where.