Monday, January 27, 2014

Took You Long Enough!

That's what the note said.
I have to assume that this is in return for some cards I sent Night Owl, and probably sent a while ago.
It was a nice surprise though since I don't remember sending anything.

I reached a point in my collecting where I stopped keeping track of trades: what I sent to whom, when I sent in, when to expect something in return.
I keep track of who I owe for sure (even though I forget sometimes, or misplace the piece of paper I noted it on) but not what I send out.
It's very freeing you know.
I'm not into accumulating massive amounts of cards.
I've narrowed my focus.
That means that anything outside that focus is excess, and is just sitting in a box ready to be discarded or doled out.

Now would I like to get something in return if I send that excess out?
But I'm not gonna concern myself with it.
And I'm certainly not going to try to keep track of it.

I'm just always overjoyed when I get a package in the mail, no matter what the contents,
no matter what the reason.

1991 Score Rising Star.
Completes this Angels subset for me.
All three of these guys had pretty decent careers.
DiSarcina is will be the Angels third base coach this season.
I'm looking forward to that.

1985 Fleer.
Four more closer to this big team set.
Don Aase drooled some chew onto his cheek and Daryl Sconiers isn't looking too happy about the turd that just landed on the brim of his cap.

2013 Ginters Mini.
Believe it or not, just the second mini I've obtained from 2013.
I've mentioned a few times how far behind I got with last years cards.
I'm thinking 2014 will put me even further behind.
I just don't have the cashflow.

2013 Chrome Update MB-9
At first I thought this was just another Chrome card until I turned it over.
The MB numbering threw me for a loop.
Is it an insert of some sort?
I had to do some research to figure out it was from the Chrome Update set.
Told you I was behind.

1963 Fleer.
All I can say is wow.
And these two are beauties with sharp corners, good coloring, and centered well.
I would consider these a huge sacrafice on Night Owls part to give them up.
So they are very appreciated.

If you noticed the slight rim,especially around the Lee card, thats because I scan my cards in 9 card pages and I had two others on the backside for a second scan.
It's not some weird miscut or anything like that.

Good things come to those who wait...
even though I wasn't really waiting on these good things to come.

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  1. You don't keep track of who owes you, but like you I keep track of who I owe and believe me ... it took me long enough.