Monday, March 3, 2014

1979 Help And Then Some From P-Town

Tom sent 14 of the 1979 Topps cards I needed (still a ways to go) for my effort in completing this set.
Interestingly,  most those he sentwere Cubs.

2013 Panini Home Town Heroes.
I'm still blown away that Abbott never pitched in the minor leagues.
Strange that Panini would show Abbott in a Yankees, or White Sox, uniform on an Angels card.
Obvious lack of an editors keen eye.

1989 Fleer Tony Armas.
Tony is perplexed.
No, don't smile?

Thanks for these and all the other Angels you sent.


  1. My pleasure! About 95% of my 1979 stock is Cubs, so I sent all of my Cubs dupes on your list. Good luck on the set!

  2. I think that is a heavily-edited pre-'93 Angels road uniform on the Abbott card. The lettering and numbers match up; they're thinner on White Sox uniforms of his time. The Yankees don't have names on the backs of theirs, and it definitely isn't a Brewers uniform. The sleeve stripes are 'shopped out, but that would be the case no matter what team's jersey it was since all of the teams he played for had piping on the sleeves of their road jerseys.