Sunday, March 9, 2014

Its Never Wrong To Send A Thank You Note

I got a box in the mail.

It was from Spiff.
And there was a note inside.

Ah, not Spiff, but SPIFF JR!
He wanted to thank me for an autographed Derek Holland PC I sent him after I saw he missed out on a Holland autograph at the Rangers Winter Carnival.

Note the "I'll probably really enjoy it."
I had a big chuckle at that.

Inside was this nicely wrapped bag of Angels cards.

Just look at all those pirty Angels cards.

And cups!!
One for the missus and one for me.

Nice selection of Jim Abbott in there, one of my all-time favorites. 

And a Tim Salmon 1998 Collectors Choice Star Quest to boot!

Thank you Spiff Jr.
It's never wrong to send a thank you note.


  1. Very nice. I don't usually keep the notes bloggers send me with the cards, but I would keep that one.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the box. There's no probably to Spiff Jr's enjoying the Holland auto, he's already shown it off to a friend and wasted no time in getting it into his collection. I guess you can't account for a nine-year-old's composition skills. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

  3. That's the best thank you note I've ever seen. Very cool!