Monday, March 17, 2014

Two And Done - 2014 Donruss

First off, I received these brand new Donruss cards from One Mans Junk (Wax) recently:

Okay, nice.  First time I've seen the new Donruss issue.  I like.
Good design, simple, readable, nice for autographs.
(These were just a small part of the big envelope sent from Jeff, more on the rest in another post.)

Fast forward a couple days and I'm at Target trying to get past the card aisle without stopping.
Like most of you I'm very weak at that and weakness won.
So I thought I'd pick up a couple packs of that new Donruss.
My first and last hopefully as I'm trying to cut back on surplus cards and focusing on just picking up Angels here and there.

I was surprised to see David Ortiz on the package.
Is David Ortiz really still enough of a draw to warrant a portrait on a pack of cards?
Surely there are much more deserving young superstars.
Or is Panini relegated to has-beens and leftovers?
Kinda like how they have to airbrush logos out now.


8 cards per pack, I got 7 base cards.
No Angels which makes all these surplus. 
No way I'm about to start another set.

I also pulled this insert:

Numbered 912/999.
Not bad, it's certainly a pretty card.
But there are 999 of these?
And how many more of the other inserts?
That's just plain crazy.
That's another reason I'll never collect a Panini set.
Once you get past the base set of what 200 cards, there are a trillion of the subsets.


6 base cards in this one and 2 inserts as follows:

Number 1 of the The Rookies insert set.
Choice is projected as having a great season.
While having a great Spring the Rangers are considering keeping him on the bench as a fourth outfielder.
They don't seem too concerned about his missing all those at-bats in minors.
Make or break time.

Number 6 of the No-Nos insert set.
Probably one of the worst cropped photos on a baseball card I've ever seen seen.
He's been quartered.  Lopped off top of head, right arm, and both legs.
Good thing Panini has the right to show player names.
I don't think I would have recognized Weaver just by his torso.
What did he have an Angels logo on his right forearm?
Angels logoed stockings?

Thing that gets me peeved is that someone actually had to give the okay on this garbage.
"Looks good Jack, lets go with it."


  1. If you're trading, I could use the Iwakuma card.

  2. I agree with you about Ortiz being on the front of the pack. But he did pretty much carry the Red Sox to another WS title all by himself. Maybe that's what they chose him?

  3. Is Ortiz affiliated with Panini in any way? I guess the WS heroics was enough to earn the cover. I have a few Trouts you may like. Shoot me an email and maybe we can trade.