Friday, March 14, 2014

Another 2-Buck Bag

2-Buck bag of mixed cards from the local junk mall, mostly baseball, some football, a few basketball.
This bag was a bit more intriguing than the other junk bags I purchased and blogged about several weeks ago.

A few Angels in the bag, always a nice treat.

1988 Swell (or Philadelphia Chewing Gum) Football Greats Hall OF Fame 25th Anniversary cards.
These were pretty cool cards I'd never seen before.
I really like the design.
Neat, but not a collectible for me = traders.

Three more Topps Rookies.
I pick these up when I see them, but still don't have a checklist for all the years these and the All-Stars came inserted in rack packs.

Topps Opening Day Tattoo Astros Junction Jack.
Maybe Remember The Astrodome will like this one?
I'll set it aside.

1998 Donruss Preferred #83 John Olerud.

1997 Donruss Preferred Alex Rodriguez.
Can you believe that at one time Alex Rodriguez was considered a National Treasure?
Says it right there.
If Donruss only knew.

Like I said, if Donruss only knew.

1997 Topps Stars #55 Drew Bledsoe.
Hey, there's one football card in there I'll keep.

And check out these:

Never know what you might find in a random bag of cards.
1995 NCAA Final Four ticket stubs.
Semifinal - Oklahoma State lost to UCLA 61-74
Final - UCLA beat Arkansas 89-78 Ed O'Bannion named Most Outstanding player.

Again, these aren't keepers for me, but if you seriously collect these let me know.

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