Saturday, March 15, 2014

Three Team Bags Of 2X3's

Here are just a few of the cards found in 3 team bags sent over from 2 By 3 Heroes.

I would swear that Vladdy is on more insert cards from the early 00's than any other player.
And that it is impossible to collect all of them.
Because anytime you would think you had them all you would find 5 more new ones.

Day and Night.
Lights on, lights off.
Mining for Gold or Drilling for Oil.

Can you believe this guy is still pitching?
Something is just not right.

Tim Salmon switch hitting
(not really - heehee)

A Salmon card not on my checklist because it's not an official Tim Salmon card.
But it is a Tim Salmon card.
Because I can see Tim Salmon.

Nice 2X3's 2 By 3.

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