Sunday, March 23, 2014

Quarried Angels

I think that's how you spell quarried.  
Anyhow a nice package of Angels came from Johnny of Cards From The Quarry.

It was a package that made me smile.
Here are just a few of the great cards.

2006 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection CC-VG relic.
Vladdy seemed to always be happy when he was playing.
Always smiling on his baseball cards.
I don't think the photographer had to ask him to smile either, I think it just came naturally.

That leads me to some of these other Angels cards that came from The Quarry.
Let's see what my first thought is about that players personality when I see who's pictured on the card.

2009 Upper Deck Icons IC-WE relic.
Jered Weaver.
Happy but serious.  When it's game time it's go time.
Intensely focused.

2010 Topps #141 Black 43/59.
Chone Figgins.
Happy, especially when stealing bases.
Went by "Figgy", a very happy nickname.

2008 Topps Heritage Chrome C68 0959/1959; 2011 Topps Heritage Chrome C91 1263/1962.
John Lackey - Never happy, never will be. 
Dan Haren - Not happy to be here.
I was happy to see you both go.

2002 Donruss Rookie Crusade RC-44.
Happy just for the chance to play.
Happy to do anything asked of him.

2008 Topps #62.
Rich Thompson.
Australian, G-Day Mate, Happy.  All Australians are happy.
The Wiggles are Australian.

That card and the next one are actually mine.  I'm showing them to lead up to the card I got from The Quarry.

I'm very familiar with that last card and this one in red representing the Opening Day set.

But this card I got from The Quarry struck me as odd:

My first thought was this was an error, and how cool and generous of The Quarry to give it to me.
It's missing the red coloring, and the circles around the letters in ANGELS.
Sweet!  I love error cards.
However, research led me to find out that this is in fact not an error but a "gold" version and is numbered 0114/2199.

Here's the three compared.
that's my first gold card from 2008, hence my unfamiliarity with it.

2006 Upper Deck Ovation#3.
Figgy again, though not smiling here, one of the happiest Angels ever.
Awesome card with a rising full baseball moon in the background.

2000 Topps Update T38.
K-Rod rookie card, you'd think he'd be happy.
Not Happy.
I don't think he ever has been.
I think that's a middle finger he's showing us.

Garret Anderson - Happy but quiet.
Darin Erstad - Happy but intense.

I have an issue with these 1998 Aurora cards though.
Anderson's card has him as an "outfielder".
Erstad's card therefore should list him as a "first baseMAN" and not "first base".
If you're gonna say FIRST BASE, then you have to say OUTFIELD.
Get it?

Bad editing, and that really chaps my hide.

2009 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Autograph #118.
Kevin Jepsen.
I just can't read him.

Bitchen card though.
I like the cards with the raised baseball stitches.

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  1. I went down to spring training 6 or 7 years ago. A guy sees my Angels' shirt and stops me. Says his daughter is dating or engaged (I forget exactly) to Jered Weaver. Told me he was actually a real nice young man.