Sunday, June 7, 2015

Knocking Off Needs From Nolans Dugout

Seems like every time I type that blog title I type Dougout instead of Dugout.
At least I don't type Donut.  Mmmmmm donut.

Anyhow Kyle of Nolans Dugout (had to slow down to type that), knocked off many cards from my wantlists.

First up is the last card I needed for the 1965 Topps Embossed Angels team set.
Jim Fregosi appropriately.  This card was also in my Top Ten Most Wanted.
This one is in pretty good shape too.  As you can image these guys tended to get pretty scrapped up.
They seem to be on a softer card stock as well which contributed nicely to a mashed look for most I've seen.

Five more cards towards the massive 2009 Upper Deck set I'm working on.

I don't have a want list for info and sweepstakes cards, but I sure do love getting them.
I'll have to check the colors of these Stadium Club info cards as there are minor variations between them.

A LARGE chunk of my most recently started set collection got knocked out with this group of 1991 Classic Best Minors cards.  I honestly didn't think anyone else would have had many of these.
Obviously Kyle was into these at some point.

He included this Classic Best Gold Bonus card as well.
So now I know there is a gold version to add to the wantlist.
Only 20 cards make up this subset featuring a gold foil oval over the players name, and a "BC" numbering prefix.

And a bunch of Fleer Stickers for the set I'm working on.

All good stuff Kyle, thanks for taking the time to check out my wants.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed them. It was funny to me that the Fregosi was the only 1965 Embossed card in my collection. And thanks for hitting everything you did on my want lists. Always love opening a nice stack of cards in the mail and a mutually beneficial trade.