Monday, June 22, 2015

Proud Recipient Of A Bieber Card

Trade Post highlights from the Card Papoy.
I've never received a trade package from this far away.

2014 Topps Green #240
I love these green parallels but for some reason I keep thinking they are like the Target Red, or Walmart Blue, but cannot remember what retailer goes with the "Green".
There is no retailer, it's just a green parallel.

2011 Topps Lineage Mini Relic 75R-JWE
Such a sweet little card.  The color combinations are perfect.
Weaver just went on the DL, I hope the fabric isn't actually medical gauze for an impending surgery.

I might be a homer but I'd still take Salmon over McGwire even in a scratch-off.

Ah, Bo Jackson in an Angels uniform.
Bo knows Get Smart, "Missed it by THAT much!"

2002 Upper Deck #549
Where are you Brad Fullmer? doesn't seem to know.
Won a Championship with the Angels in 2002, played for the Rangers in 2004 and then retired sometime after 2005, disappearing into the real world.
Maybe Bo knows.

2006 Topps Turkey Red Red Parallel
Should be Topps Turkey Red Angels Red Parallel.

2010 Panini Justin Bieber
Got me a Bieber.
I'm now part of the "In" crowd.

Thanks for the cards Papoy.

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