Saturday, June 20, 2015

Pursuit Of Angels

Trade Post from Pursuit of 80's(ness)
Not really a "trade" post until I send something in return, which is in the works.

Let's cut to the highlights.

2013 Topps Cut To The Chase CTC-1

1997 Score Hobby Reserve
Add a cool gold foil stamp and these boring but nice Score cards get pretty bitchen.

2013 Topps Gold 0514/2013; Target Blue; Chrome Update MB-9 

2011 Topps Stickers
I still haven't paid enough attention to the recent issues of Topps Stickers.
I'm so far behind on these team sets.
At some point I'd like to get a loose team set and a stuck-on-page set.

2003 Upper Deck First Pitch #32, MVP #1, and 40 Man #1
I'm not sure Troy Glaus is considered an "Angels Great".  Don't get me wrong, he did some awesome stuff to get us a World Series Championship, but for some reason I feel he gets overlooked.
He shouldn't.  He was awesome.

2013 Topps Emerald Checklist #266, Opening Day Ballpark Fun #BF-13
One with a helmet, one with his bald head.
Still holding to my bald head theory.

2012 Triple Play Puzzle Pieces
I have already completed this puzzle, but now I'm thinking I might get another one and actually frame it up.  I like the style of artwork and it would look pretty cool in the "Baseball Room".

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  1. Nice cards, it amazes me as many cards I've seen there are still new ones I've never seen. That Troy Glaus 40 man card would fit in that category.

    By the way I got the cards you sent today, I'll let you know when I post about them.