Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Big Christmas Gift In A Little Envelope

All I remember is reading something that said send an SASE with two stamps and you'll get a Christmas surprise.
After that its all a blur.
Had no record of it, I stopped keeping trade records months ago.
You've seen me do this before.
Forget who the cards came from.

In my defense, there was no return address label affixed to my SASE.
And the postmark was smudged.
There was no note accompanying the cards.

So I waited to make this post.
I waited until I saw another blogger post about his Christmas SASE.
Couldn't find anything.
Had to go back through posts from maybe 5 bloggers I suspected.


2012 Bowman Platinum Purple Refractor BPP43

2013 Topps Chrome #70 Orange Refractor 

2011 Topps Finest #88 XFractor 288/299

2006 Flair Showcase #104 Field Box Legacy 074/150

1996 Donruss Elite #65 Silver 08111/10000

2008 Donruss Threads #131 069/100

2007 Bowman Heritage #195 Black 28/52

2006 Topps Finest #60 Refractor 19/99

Thanks for the awesome cards for the cost of two postage stamps.
Merry Christmas!

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