Sunday, December 22, 2013

Batman Is A Super Hero Of Listian Proportions

I have been searching out Batman Animated and The Adventures of Batman & Robin cards lately, trying to complete some sets my son and I started when he was younger in the mid 90's.  And I've been having a lot of fun doing it.

Several unopened packs of 1995 Skybox The Adventure of Batman & Robin (Retail) went up for auction so I was quick to put a high bid on them.  I convinced to seller to sell a few more for GINs which I then jumped on.

I showcased the contents of one of the packs recently on A Pack To Be Named Later but I love em so much I wanted to show another.

#80 Case #572 "Harlequinade"
Joker doesn't care that the bomb in his plane is about to explode, he'd rather try to shoot down the Dynamic Duo.

#88 Case #575 "Bane"
That's Robin at the end of the chain, so Batman has to do his best triple gainer to rescue him in time.
Score him a 10!

#30 Villains - Mr. Freeze
Ah, my favorite villain (from Animated Batman, I can do without Arnie)
Freeze knows how to use his cold gun so don't dick with him.

#86 Case #575 "Bane"
I can hear Batman now, "What the...?"
The scene then pans to Robin trying to cover himself in a pickle barrel, head and feet exposed.

Coloring Card!

These next cards came in a lot from an opened pack of 1996 Fleer/Skybox The Adventures of Batman & Robin Action Packs.

Each pack came with 2 cards for the Arkham Escape Game.
It took 12 different card fit together like a puzzle to complete the game board.

Two Pop-out cards came in the pack.
Twelve cards complete this subset.
Harley Quinn by far the most annoying female villain ever.

Each pack also came with a puzzle card.
Teeny tiny puzzle pieces way too small for my man hands.
That stinking joker, my least favorite bad guy (I guess that's the point huh?) gets his due.
Hey wait!  Batman's a southpaw?

And a 1 per pack coloring card, 6 in the set.
To color or not to color...

This Robin Pop-up card is from
1995 Skybox The The Adventures of Batman & Robin (Hobby), the pop-up replacing the coloring card in the retail version.
You use you thumbs and pointer fingers to push Robin up through the top of the card.

I recently bought a 48 pack box of the Action Packs on ebay.
Man I can't wait to tear into those.

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