Thursday, December 19, 2013

I've Been Zippy Zapped!

An envelope came in mail for me today and when I ripped it open this fell out:

This isn't one of the packs I won on Listia.
Somebody got this wrong.
Then I saw this:
Ah, Zippy at it again!
I last traded with the Zipster in October I think when he reached out to me with some sweet Japanese issued Angels cards. 
But this envelope is completely unexpected, out-of-the-blue.
Then there was another "Wait a minute..."
The pack was already opened.
So I peeked inside.

Appropriate for the wrapper.
And I think this is my first Panini Draft Picks card.
Never heard of Zach Borenstein though.
The Angels had a Zach Sorensen, but Zach Borenstein, nope.
Still a nice Panini prospect to have.

Chrome Mike Piazza, Mike Piazza the lesser.
I'm sure he hates that.
"You'll never be as good as that other Mike Piazza!"
He probably hears that all the time.

Chrome Refractor.
This pack of Angels keeps getting chromier and refractorier with each card.
Not sure why my scanner scans them pink.
Must be bleeding Angels Red.

What do we call this one now?
Is this an atomic, or is this called silver ice now?
Another new Angel I hadn't heard of.
Remember how I've been saying this has been a very off year for me?

Lets see if I can get this right...
A Bowman Chrome Refractor Cream of the Crop Mini?
Awesome comes in small packages.

Cannot get enough Mike Trout eye black.
I think I'll be Mike Trout for Halloween next year.
I'm halfway there on the costume.

And vintage to boot.
Zippy knows what I like, and that's everything in this post.
Merry Christmas to you too Zip.

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