Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Completed Angels Team Sets - 1987 Donruss Base, The Rookies, Opening Day, Leaf, Highlights, All Stars, and Pop Ups.

I finally obtained the last several Angels cards I needed to finally complete all of Donruss entries for 1987.
And Donruss had (if you can't count) a whopping 6 different sets, 7 if you add in Leaf, the Canadian version, which I included here.

That's the end of the base set; 4 cards from The Rookies box set (green); and the start of the Opening Day set (maroon).  Did I use the ; correctly there?

I was able to get my Angels logo card from the Opening Day set signed by Ross Newhan.
Mr. Newhan was a columnist who wrote about the Angels from their inaugural year 1961 until his retirement.
He's the 2000 JG Taylor Spink Award winner.

To the right of that we start the Leaf set.
Interesting that the Joyner card still has "Donruss" on the front while the others replaced it with "Leaf".

So glad to see that Donruss didn't pull a Topps and use the same pictures in the different sets.

Leaf put out a smaller set than the Donruss base set.
The used the same photos from the Donruss set, which in my opinion is okay in this case.
Not sure what criteria they followed though on who to select for the set...
Canadians maybe got selected first?

Donruss Highlights box set included 3 Angels in the 56 card set.
Boone broke the all-time games played by a catcher record set by Al Lopez in 1947.
I think my folks were at that game.
Brian Downing was in the outfield by then, his catching days long over.
He last caught in 1981.

These are the 3x5 Angels cards from the All-Star set.
Oversize cards have always been an awkward dilemma for me.
I just don't like the way they fit into the binders.
Gotta have them though if you're a team collector.
Joyner was the first rookie to be elected to the starting team of an All-Star squad by the fans.
He went 0/1.
Mike Witt, unfortunately didn't get a chance to pitch in the game.

Joyner was in just about every set produced by anyone in 1987 since he had such a huge rookie season the year before.  I have 2 of these sweet little pop-ups of a giant Wally Joyner crammed inside the Astrodome and I've been tempted to pop one up. Just can't bring myself to do it.

So there you have all of the Angels cards Donruss produced for 1987.

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