Saturday, December 28, 2013

These Ain't Yo Mommas Postage Stamps.

I collected postage stamps as a kid.
 In fact I still occasionally tear off the corner of an envelope with a stamp and throw it in my "stamps torn off envelopes" box.
I don't know why I still do that.  My kids don't collect them.  I don't really collect them.
Probably falls into the "someday when I'm retired" category of excuses.
Someday I'll get all the stamp stuff out, grab the old crusty pack of hinges, and go at it.

Problem is these days stamps are all stickers now, so you can't really get them off the paper like you used to by soaking them in water. I used to love soaking stamps.
 Anyhow, I was going through an old stamp binder and came across a sheet of stamps.
A whole sheet of colorful stamps.

But no ordinary sheet of stamps.

Check this out.

1987 Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future stamp sheet!

OK, let's see.
In 1987 I had no kids yet, had been married a year, and was in the Air Force.
As I think back, I didn't even know who Captain Power was.
At TV show?
A cartoon?
A comic book?
Obviously I was eating some sort of Kelloggs cereal, that's how I got the stamp sheet.

Lets see what I can find out about these guys.

Good Guy.
Leader of the Soldiers of the Future who want to bring down Lord Dread.
That's him with his Power Suit on the bottom.

Good Guy.
He's the Soldier who fights in the skies.
See the wings?

Good Guy.
Ground Assault Unit.

Captain Powers Fighter Jet.
Rode piggy back atop the Jump-Ship.

Lord Dreads personal ride, also called the Dread-Jet.
Kind of a combo X-Wing/Darth Vader Tie Fighter.

Bad Guy.
Lord Dreads new breed of Bio-Dread
a heavily armed killing machine.

Bad Guy.
First Warlord-Class Bio-Dread built by Lord Dread.
Pure Evil.

Super Bad Guy.
Ruler of the Bio-Dread Empire, trying to wipe out the remaining human race.

So these stamps are from a Kellogg's promo, probably through Corn Flakes.

That's about all the effort I can put into this.
I keep seeing Power Rangers fight scenes in my mind.


  1. Cool stamps. I have a few in the collection as well. Captain Power must have come along right after I moved on from cartoons, because I don't really remember him. However... I'm pretty sure in 1986, I was still watching The Transformers (could be wrong though).

  2. a product called Bestine, available at your local craft store, will remove sticker stamps from paper.

    Youtube it for instructions how.

  3. I used to collect stamps as a kid too. Traded the whole collection for my (at the time-)stepbrother's baseball card collection.