Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Coolest Listia Lot Ever!

1954 Bowman Power For Peace BABY!!

A six card lot of beat-up, bent, stained, frayed, and torn cards.
That I just had to have.
I've known about the Power For Peace set for a long time, and I had always wanted at least one.
I especially wanted a card of an aircraft, since I've always been a big military aviation buff.
This set is the epitome of the 50's militarism, kinda like, in my opinion, the 1956 Topps baseball set is the epitome of 50's baseball.

At this point I have no intention of collecting the entire 96 card set, so I may end up parting with the non-aircraft cards.

#79 Soar Straight Up - Land On A Dime!
This is the card that drew me to the lot.
Its a Lockheed XFY-1 Salmon.
What a beauty.

Heres a Youtube clip of its competitor the Convair XFV-1 Pogo doing transitions.
100% bitchen.

#91 USS Coral Sea (CVB43)
Shown is a Douglas F4D Skyray a delta wing carrier-based supersonic fighter/interceptor.
Another bad-ass little airplane.
Douglas Aircraft dominated carrier aircraft design in the 50's and 60's.

Here's another cool video.

#64 Republic YF-84J
If you know anything about the Republic Thunder series, this is one of about 27,000 versions of this airplane.
These little dudes were designed to carry an atomic bomb.

#66 Weather Station.
Vital to the defense of the United States of America from the Communist threat and Soviet aggression, is the monitoring of weather balloons 20 feet off the ground, and painted bright yellow so that a penetrating MIG will easily spot it to shoot it down in flames.

#78 A Mans Blood Boils Above 63,000 Feet.
I think this test monkeys blood is not the only thing boiling.
He's got to pee like a race horse.
That's what the green canister is for.

#67 Jet Jockies Scramble.
These guys were in with trailer with the test monkey above when he dropped a load in his britches.

Great stuff from 1954.

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  1. I love those cards and I think I will eventually go for the set. Any of those that you want to part with, you let me know.