Friday, December 13, 2013

Cards From The Quarter Boxes Test My Memory

I like to think I have a pretty firm grip on the cards in my collection. So when I'm digging through quarter boxes and come across an Angels card I can usually determine pretty quick whether I already have the card or not.

It's like playing the memory game.  How many times do you need to turn the same card over before you remember where the match is?  I'm pretty good at the memory game, but my daughter Claire is awesome at it.  But that's another story.

Let's see how I did on the Angels cards I took away from the LCS.  There were a lot that I left there knowing for certain that I already had.  Of this batch I brought home let's see if I already had them.

Well I had both of the 1984 Purina cards, but you cant go wrong with the two I now have as dupes, they'll make good traders.  I also had the McLemore rookie, but I'll try to get that one signed next season at a Rangers game where he does broadcasting, so not a dupe quite yet.  I also had the O'Day card but thats another I'd like to try to get signed sometime.
So, 5 out of 9 are new to me.
Not bad.

I thought for sure I did not already have the Mickey Rivers Fan Favorite or the gold Nick Adenhart, wrong, got them both.  Also had the Weaver.  The rest however I did not have.
I just added a want list for Angels in the Topps Archives set, now I need to get one together for Fan Favorites and 2004 Timeless Teams.
Getting better, 6/9 new.

Looking pretty good here, as only two of these cards turned out to dupes.
The Erstad and Edmonds slots have already been filled.
Even though the Zach Sorenson rookie is of him in the Indians organization, Zach played for the Angels in 2005, thereby granting him access to the collection.  I'll try to get this one signed as well.
Better yet again 7/9 are good cards.

Of the 5 Angels in this lot, it turned out I only needed 3.  I knew going in that I needed the 1984 Fleer Kison as I was armed with a crude checklist of the 1984 Fleer Angels that I needed.  This was the only one the LCS had of the five I needed to complete the team set.  I picked up the rest on Sportlots today.
The Velarde and Vladdy Authentic are the two I already had.
I grabbed the random Olerud for the player collection.
I grabbed the Piazza rookie just because it was there.
I grabbed the shiny Mariners logo card because, well, it was shiney.
And I grabbed the baseball heroes because it was for the Nolan Ryan set and I already have like 5 others of it already.  It's a no-numbered card so I figured it's harder to come by and since it was easy pickins, why not?

Scored some more Topps All-Star cards.
Three of these were dupes, but worth the risk at 5/dollar.
Cal Ripken looks like a train conductor with his ill-fitting tall cap on.
I also miss the cards with the players wearing the windbreaker sleeves under their warmup jersey, like Kirby Puckett is fashioning.
I'm appreciating more and more the Captains cards picturing the "old timers".
Were these "captains" actually in the dugout during the game?

Pulled a small assortment of Bo Jackson cards.
There were others, but I was pretty sure I already had them.
Fortunately I didnt already have any of these.
Score 100% on this selection.

Added 4 cards to sets I'm collecting.
Well, 3 actually.  Turns out I hade the 2008 X diecut.
The 1991 Uppper Deck Cecil Field is one of only two cards I neded to finish this set. The other is Domingo Ramos and I just picked him up on Sportlots.

And lastly, a 1989 Bowman Ted Williams reprint sweepstakes card.

I had this subset at one time but through the years as you thin things out, get rid of stuff you lost interest in, things gets lost.
It always comes back around though doesn't it?
Now I want to complete this little subset again.
I'm only  lacking the Whitey Ford card if anyone has one available.

So out of 53 cards selected, I already had 16.
Who knows how to figure out percentages?

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