Sunday, February 9, 2014

An Odd Ball Wind Blows From The South

A block of Angels cards came courtesy of All The Way To The Backstop and included a bunch of great oddball cards. Oddball cards are such a refreshing break from the run of the mill set cards that come into the fold.  Not that I don't want or need any more run of the mill cards.  There's just something special about an odd ball that is new to the collection.

1992 Upper Deck All-Star Fanfest All-Star Heroes #26 Bryan Harvey.
This card was part of a 54-card box set available through the 1992 NSCC and at the 1992 All-Star Game held in San Diego.  I think Bryan Harvey is the only Angel in the set, so check this team set off my list!

1991 Topps Operation Desert Shield #176 John Orton.
The foil stamp in the upper right making the difference.
Apparently many of these were counter-fitted due to the scarcity of these "war souvenirs".
Whether this card actually made it over to the Gulf will never be known.

1992 Fleer Ultra Award Winners #16 Mark Langston
This subset was new to me, and I've opened a lot of 1992 Ultra in my life.
Part of a 25-card insert set in Series 1.
Another solo card Angels set.

1989 Broder Singles Superstars Wally Joyner #19.
Joyner is the only Angel in this 21 card set.
Isn't it great that Broder didn't put their name on their cards?
I wonder whose idea that was?

1988 Broder "Baseballs Best" Photos Series 1 #32 Wally Joyner.
These Broders were classic give-away cards at local shows I attended in the 80's and 90's.
There'd be a table with a rack of odd ball giveaways as soon as you walked into the door...after paying of course.  Local boys like Wally would have gone fast though and no one ever attended the table.  Most guys ignored the "PLEASE ONLY TAKE 3 DIFFERENT CARDS" sign.

1988 Topps Bazooka #10 Wally Joyner.
Another favorite way to get cards in the 80's was in boxes of Bazooka gum.
I love the simplicity of these.

1991 US Playing Cards.
Normally relegated to the junk bin, or as packing material, (I've used them as bookmarks) these Angels playing cards fill a spot for a team collector.

2001 Pacific Private Stock PS-206 Action #1 Darin Erstad.
I think one of the oldest minis I have.  When did minis come out anyway?

And a nine slot of other Angels.

Note the 1996 Upper Deck Star Rookies featuring Darin Erstad sliding head-first into third just after completely severing his left hand

When I first saw this card in the stack, my first thought was "Cool, a Canadian card."
Then the card started to unfold.
My next thought was, "Cool, a Canadian card that unfolds, a strip card."
"I wonder what other MLB players are on here?"

Then, "SWEET!! ALL Angels!"

Then I zoomed in on this one:

"Double sweetness of greatness!  Wally Joyner on a Canadian fold-out strip card!"

Apparently it is a sweepstakes card from Stuart.

But Stuart who?

BTW Symington came to mind first because I was in the Air Force for 14 years, and he was the first Secretary of the Air Force.


  1. That's a whole lot of fun in one package. Gotta love oddballs!

  2. See, that's just the kind of player Erstad was! Giving up life and limb to help his team.

    Glad you liked 'em! Trimming down the Non-Padres side of my Joyner collection, thought you might be able to use some of those.